Capitalism: Getting The Balance Right.

I recently came across a paper by author Sue Rule, which takes a sober look at the kind of Capitalism we’re experiencing nowadays and where it’s going wrong. In my personal life I’ve often criticised our consumerist culture for taking a market economy and turning it into a market society, where everything is for sale but the only thing of any value is money itself. I’ve never posted anything here because I’m not as adept at economic theory as I am with philosophy.

This article, which I’ve published in full below, strikes me as a very common sense approach, pulling apart the threads of what actually has value and arguing that we need to maintain the balance across all channels. For an overview of this thinking, written by Sue herself, please seeĀ ‘What is balanced power?’ after the jump. But then I’d urge you to come back and read the full article here as I feel it’s a message that would benefit from being disseminated and discussed.

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