About Me

  My Background

Black and White, low-key, self portrait


Born in 1980, I’m originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK. I studied English Language, English Literature and Christian Theology. Then, I went to college, studied Photography got my self a job as a photographer on board cruise ships in the Caribbean and Bahamas, then came back and studied Philosophy at Newcastle University. I’m one of those nerdy types who loves learning and always comes top of his class; people used to say I had such potential!


My Experience

I’ve had a ton of shit jobs from working in a supermarket to working as an aircraft mechanic (not exactly living up to that potential eh?). I’ve learned a lot and worked with a bunch of different types of people. Most of my working life has been spent as a photographer though. Ever since the cruise ship job in 1999, it’s been something that I’m good at and enjoy doing. I work freelance under the company name Subtle Sensor Photography – click the link and check out my website, you’ll learn a lot more about me and about photography as well as seeing some of my best work there.


My Take on Life

As a philosopher, I do a lot of thinking and analysing.  My friends tell me I think too much and they’re probably right! However, I’m good at problem solving and recently (2011 – 2012) I’ve been working on that ‘what is the purpose of my life’ problem. I think we all get there at some point, regardless of how deep a thinker we are, and that’s one of the reasons I started this blog – I want people to see how I’m tackling the problem in the hopes that it helps someone else.

So, that being said my take on life is pretty harsh. I’m not one of those spiritual types, I like facts and evidence and logic that is open to new information, so for me faith and religion are non-starters.

You have to have some sort of faith though, if nothing else, you have to believe that you’re actually here and alive and on this planet (rather than believing that you’re simulated character generated as part of a computer programme for example). As for me, I believe in Free Will. I think we’re all free and that our choices do change our destiny, so it’s important to make those choices consciously and on purpose.

I also believe that life, the universe and everything is pointless.

By that I mean the universe wasn’t created by a higher being who has a plan for us all. The universe just happened by accident: “In the beginning there was nothing and then, the nothing got corrupted, farted; and out came the universe. Nothing skulked away quietly, pretending it hadn’t made that mess, and so the universe was left to fester.” Human life, in my opinion, is simply the result of an awfully long time spent festering and a series of happy accidents.


When I first drilled my personal beliefs down to the inevitable conclusion that I’m here for no reason, my life has no special significance and the universe is just the result of chaos interacting with physical limitations; I was kind of upset about it.

But then I realised that, despite all that, I’m really, really grateful that I’m here and alive. After all, the alternative is absolute nothingness! Looking at that made me see that life is a free ride, an adventure, a journey you’re supposed to enjoy and one that we all hope will never end. But it does end! So, we have to make the most of it right now. How we do that is up to us; our individual choices and beliefs.


So that’s my story and the reason why I created this blog. The blog is a mixture of me hashing these big conversations out with myself and me actually taking action, putting myself out there and getting involved in this happy accident we call life!