DD Hammocks Modular System Jungle Hammock – Video Review

DD Hammocks sent me their newest (2013) model, the Modular System Jungle Hammock to test out. Wasn’t that nice of them! Looks like the You Tube Bucks are starting to roll in already ha ha!

The video goes into quite a bit of detail, so for those of you who don’t have time to sit and watch a 26minute video, here’s a brief overview.

The DD Jungle Hammock is aimed at Ultralight campers and is designed so that you can remove different parts of the setup and leave them at home if desired.

It’s offered as a complete system; you get a stuff sack with tree huggers, whoopie slings and climbing grade carabiners to use as suspension. The whoopie slings are already installed in the channel of the hammock base, on top of the hammock base is a bug-net, which you can zip off entirely if you don’t need it. There are collapsible poles that form arches to suspend the bug-net, creating a very spacious experience and, on the bottom is a waterproof layer,  held in place by velcro – so you can use it on the bottom in bivvi mode or general use but you can also unfasten it and use it as a groundsheet, or suspend it above as a small emergency tarp and it’s also designed to fit snugly over the top of the bugnet (when the spreader arches are in place) to create a rain proof enclosure.

So for one price you can get a complete system that is already quite small and light but which can be easily disassembled and reassembled to suit the season or location. It’s a pretty sweet system and the hammock is really spacious once set up with the arches. If that description has whet your appitite, then check out the video for more information or go to DD Hammocks

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  1. Hi Daniel, I watched your video and I am wondering to buy this jungle hammock (the model with two layers incorporated). I wanted to know, before buying it, if the only modular top / bottom layer included is enough against a big rain and a big wind storm (you may have tried it other times so maybe you know this information right now) or if a trap and a sleeping bag are really required ? Because I really would like to know if one bottom layer is enough against wind (is the nylon too much thin?) and if one top layer is enough against rain (are there condensation problems ?)
    Then I would like to know if I can put my bagpack with me on the sleeping compartment and sleep with it ? is it still confortable or do I need to put it somewhere else (like you did on other videos (below the hammock on an other big compartment) ?
    Thanks in advance for your answers.
    Your videos are pretty well done, keep going.

    1. Hi Samuel, Sorry it’s taken so long to reply – I have my comments on my business site sent to my phone, but not this one, so I keep forgetting to check!

      You probably don’t need/already have this information by now but A larger tarp is recommended for heavy Rain. I have used the Jungle Hammock with just the integral tarp in heavy rain and the water did manage to seep in and make the hammock bed and the underside of my Exped Synmat wet. I didn’t notice till morning, because I personally didn’t get wet, so it’s definitely do-able, just not ideal!


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