Combining Hammock Camping with Motorcycle Touring

Just a quick video post giving a demonstration on how I’ve set my DD Travel Hammock up so that I can deploy it quickly after a days ride and sleep knowing that my gear is safe and close by.

The 2nd video shows you how I plan to set up the ‘hammock’ if I can’t find any trees to hand from! I hope you like the video’s, feedback is always appreciated, so feel free to comment here or o You Tube.

4 Replies to “Combining Hammock Camping with Motorcycle Touring”

  1. wow amazing clarity on the videos, clear speech and narrative, or is that narration?
    I am really impressed, hey maybe a career in videos out there for you! xxx you look really well too!

  2. Hi Daniel
    What an amazing video – the hammock looks great and very adaptable – hope it keeps you warm and dry.
    Good luck on your journey
    Best wishes

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