Bonus Day (7) – Downtime on Skye

One of my current flatmates, Mariella, is from round these parts and she’s visiting family in Scotland at the same time as I’m here, so I’d always planned to spend some downtime here.

UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-1994

My plan was simply to chill out, edit some pictures and catch up on blog posts. Mariella has other ideas, however. She wants to go walking on the Isle of Skye and hike up to the Old Man of Storr. I’m happy to accompany her but this means I really do have to free the DSLR from it’s prison in the Ape’s top-box.
I’d have been better off in Liverpool because nobody here knows how to ‘jimmy’ the lock! In the end, we decide to drill through it. I’ll just have to get a replacement when I get home. In the meantime, some reshuffling of gear needs to take place (I may as well put the Waterproofs in the top-box) before I semi-permanently close it up with zip-ties and duck tape.

UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 8-2194
I should be sponsored by Duck Tape!

With any luck, the pictures below, a sample of what ended up as an 8hr jaunt around the area, will justify the cost of a new lock! I hope you like them.


UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-1924
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-1928
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-1933
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-1966
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2008
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-9290
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-135914

UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2018
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2059

UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2089
Throwing Stones at Eilen Donnen Castle (for some reason you have to)

UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2098
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2120
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2121
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2128
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2139
UK Bike8 Road Trip Day 7-2156

6 Replies to “Bonus Day (7) – Downtime on Skye”

  1. WOW!

    You are getting fabulous shots, on some gorgeous days, in some of the prettiest parts of the UK. All because you just got off your bum & went out there chasing it.
    If you’re enjoying the journey as much or more than I am reading it then you really are living the riding/camping dream.

    Re the top box, I don’t know what type it is but, Givi, sell just replacement barrels for quite a reasonable price.
    I would have thought any small locksmiths would have been able to pick it for you & then remove most of the discs & profile you a key to suit.

    Keep the posts & photos comming, its just what I need after a week of work.

    & most of all….. Enjoy it !!!!

    1. I am loving it, the good weather has really made this trip magical.

      I can get a replacement barrel from Hepco & Becker,they don’t ost much – It’s been broken into once before, that’s how I know =D)

      Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my photo’s!

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