Motorcycle Hammock Camping

So; I’ve never camped before, never toured on my motorbike before, never driven abroad. Nevertheless, I decided I’d like to see as much of my home planet as I can and I’d like to start by riding my bike around Europe.

Looking into options for versatile accommodation I came across the concept of hammock camping. Sounds great to me, so I got myself the Travel Hammock from Scottish based firm DD Hammocks. If you’re into hammock camping, you can get more information on the particulars of my setup here.


DD Travel Hammock, Gear Hammock and XL Tarp.
Set up in the park last autumn.

I’m planning on spending a week road testing the whole motorcycle-hammock-camping-on-the-road-blogging thing by riding around the UK and, luckily for me, Bike Magazine have put together a figure 8 route around England and Scotland, the ‘Bike 8’ and I’m going to use this as my ‘test track’ at the end of May.,


Hopefully by then the spring/summer will have made an appearance because this constant winter is frustrating! As you can probably tell from the pictures above, I’ve tested my hammock in the back yard and in a local park but it’s been freezing cold all the time, so I’ve added an underquilt to my hammock to help keep me warm – hopefully that won’t be┬ánecessary┬ácome May but better safe than sorry!

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